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At Moss  Xpress our Moss Specialists and roof cleaners have the highest regard for your property. Every Moss and roof cleaning   job is done thoroughly – to the highest standard. We, at Moss Xpress have our own proven system for the moss removal and prevention.

How We Work?

Our trained crew uses  proven cleaning techniques and proprietary products to deal with moss issues. We make sure thst we deliver highest standard of workmanship. Please contact us for more details.

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It is our mission to care for our valuable customers by providing excellent and prompt services, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Do you have Moss/Algae growth?

Then you need the services of Moss Xpress Services

We offer leading moss  cleaning services  are guaranteed to have your roof free of moss and extend life to your roof. Our industry recognized professionals have access to leading products which help with all types of moss issues.

We can provide complete moss prevention and removal services to ensure that your roof is not hampered by unwanted wear and tear caused by growth of moss or algae. Moss or Fungus or Algae can damage the quality of your roof, so its important that you act on it right away by giving Moss Xpress Services! A call.

Either you can book a service call online or can call us 604-945-1000 to schedule a service.


Why Clean Your Roof?

An untidy roof, covered in green and yellow moss and lichen or black algae, ruins the appearance of a house and may well detract from its market value. You can decorate the exterior of your home and spend a fortune on your grounds but it will never really look the part if the roof is unsightly.Secondly, there are a number of technical reasons why you should consider investing in moss removal or roof cleaning. Moss and lichen can spread quickly and stealthily, depending on the local conditions, such as tree shade, humidity and position in relation to the sun. Although the plants do not actually attack roof tiles themselves they can hold water against the surface and create an environment that leads to the roofing material becoming more porous andmore susceptible to rain erosion over time.

One of the main problems with moss, in particular, is that it can accumulate in the various rain channels on the roof and leads to poor drainage and gutter overflows. The consequence of this is often water running down the walls of the house, which can lead to a whole new set of potentially expensive problems. The growth also inhibits the reflective quality of a roof and can lead to higher energy bills.

How the Roof is Cleaned?

Your roof will be cleaned in three main stages, the first of which involves treatment using a special, sterilising solution.

Mosses, lichens and algae are most commonly spread when their spores are transferred to the roof by the wind or by birds and other animal life landing on them. Simply scraping or washing the growth off with water would fail to remove these tiny spores, which become thoroughly embedded in roof materials such as terracotta tiles made from natural clay and, therefore, more porous than most other types of roof construction. The Moss  Xpressroof cleaning solution effectively kills these spores and retards any future growth; its environmentally friendly, and won’t harm pets or damage the exterior of your house.

The second stage involves pressure-washing, which is carried out with extreme care using specialised equipment. There is a fine line between clearing the moss and lichen and causing secondary damage through over-saturation, or damaging tiles by allowing powerful jets of water to force their way beneath them. Our well-trained and experienced Technicians know precisely how much pressure a roof can withstand, and know how to work on a roof without damaging it during the cleaning process.

The third and final stage consists of rinsing down the roof and surrounding areas to remove excess products, sweeping up any debris, and clearing disturbed moss and lichen any gutters and downpipes impacted by the cleaning process.

How to Prevent Your Roof Getting Moss?

If your home is surrounded by trees that cast a shadow on your roof, it is a good idea to have them thinned, if at all possible, as moss finds it almost impossible to grow in bright sunlight.

You may be tempted to clean the roof yourself but this is a hazardous task for the amateur. Not only are wet roofs extremely slippery and potentially highly dangerous, but there is also a very good chance you will crack tiles with your feet.


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